A character building and petting simulator
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Create fantastical creatures called ZOOKs, modify their bodies and needs, observe and manage their behavior and survival in a selected environment, change their parameters and upgrade them by means of evolution. Online sharing of your creatures is possible.

BAMZOOKi allows you to create and build virtual creatures called ZOOKs using a free download called the ZOOK kit.
On the BAMZOOKi TV show, teams of children pit their ZOOKs against each other in contests to see who has the best ZOOK. Using the same kit, you can play online, by creating your own ZOOKs and seeing how they fare in the BAMZOOKi leagues.

BBC children's television is bringing back Bamzooki – an online version of Robot Wars, in which children design creatures which compete against each other. The program has been redesigned and upgraded, with the virtual creatures increased in size, and transferred from a table-top race track to the street – with races and contests taking part in a car park.

ZOOK Kit minimum specification required:

1.6GHz processor
32MB video card (supporting shader model 1)
Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista
DirectX 9.0c

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